House The House is an art and design collective focusing in the practice of environment regeneration.

The House The House design methodology begins by revealing an innate understanding of both client and its environment visions toward the wider sustainability context. Our design methodology is based on a whole toy box full of conceptual interplay that becomes an essential tool to increase the values of the product and the place where it shares time, and space.

Surprise Stove x Sunday Market Surabaya X Napakrasa

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Published : August 18, 2015
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Surprise Stove

A casual gathering, situationed in a public space or some secret spot, with various different sections. Where you could find a nice spot to hang around and lay your picnic rug, share along a basket of homemade food or even better. Yet, with presented by professional chef,  serve it with a glass of fresh lemon tea and enjoy the rest of the day with the companion of good music.

In August 15 – 16, 2015 we’re hiding to Surabaya. An collaboration concept with Sunday Market Surabaya with our chef Dimas PP from Napakrasa managed to give a new experience in this event by performing cooking demonstrations and distributed to visitors of the event.

Thanks Sunday Market Surabaya for inviting us to join this great event, thanks Napakrasa & Niion for the countless helping and cooperation.

See you in the nearest future!

Vida Festival

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Published : August 4, 2015
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A celebration for better living #bahagiadibekasi will coming on this month. Collaboration project with Vida Bekasi that will give you a better experience in the other side of city space.

Wish the best for the fest!


KEUKEN #6 – Taste in Transit

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Published : July 7, 2015
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After we finish the festivity, we would like to say thank you for coming to KEUKEN #6. Enjoy the foods, weather and experience, sharing, laughing, made it perfect in every way. 
Thank you to all our thirty six F&B tenants, six lovely highlight booths, six foodtruck and also superb Kitchen Stage cooks & chefs, the best music selector from DJ’s performers and Bands. 
Thanks for countless helping hands from all partners and sponsors.. Thank you for supporting our #GoodFestival campaign and simply making #Keuken6 just as unforgettable to everyone. We can’t thank you enough. See you again in the nearest future.

Photo taken by Morrie and Oslo, visit their website on

KEUKEN #6 – Taste in Transit

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KEUKEN #6 – Taste in Transit

We’re now is flying to somewhere west. 
Sunday, June 7th 2015 we will landing on the Apron Husein Satstranegara Airport and ignite one-day food festival with numerous exciting tenants, performers, and partners. 
Reclaim the street EAT!

Trivia Club N° 9 : Gosha Muhammad

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A special sharing session with Gosha Muhammad, Master of Arts (Architecture and Performative Design).

Gosha Muhammad did his Bachelor in Architecture at the National Institute of Technology in Indonesia. After graduated, he worked in Gary Fell Architecture Bureau in Bali, where he led a number of architectural projects focused on hospitality. After gaining three years of practical experience, he decided to study in Germany at the Städelschule Architecture Class under the guidance of Ben van Berkel, Johan Bettum and Mirco Becker. He investigated the generation of variable forms from flat materials by activating their elastic bending capability for his thesis, and successfully completed Master of Arts in Architecture and Performative Design in 2013. Later he continued working as a tutor and research assistant at the SAC, and designs, among other things The Orkhēstra, an installation for Luminale 2014 in Frankfurt am Main. He is currently working as an architect in the parametric division of Schneider + Schumacher Architekten.


Tuesday, May 26th 2015
Start from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
at House The House Studio. 
Jl. Suria Sumantri. 
Komp. Setrasari Mall Blok C1. 
No.69, Bandung. 4016


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Published : July 26, 2014
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We are thrilled to announce that House The House and IN//N are developing a strategic partnership in bring Bandung-Berlin creative and cultural talents by starting several serial projects in the near future.
IN//N ITIATIVE is a EU based (operated in Berlin-Germany) platform which is constantly promoting, supporting, educating and networking Indonesian (and other developing regions) creative potential into the global atmosphere. IN//N works and partners with creative entities, universities, artists, corporations, and other related stakeholders in developing and developed regions. Those activities generate funds, promotion, collaboration, and knowledge supports, dedicated to the enhancement of creative resources in developing regions.
Image courtesy of : Kamila Wabnik of IN//N

Trivia Club No.8 : Friendly Andi

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Published : July 19, 2014
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With experiences from working with top-notch local clothing brands to advertising agencies in the notorious J-town, and now starting his own branding studio to explore what he loves most, Andi ‘A_Synchronized’ Rahmat is going to have an afternoon session on our Trivia Club, sharing his interest on visual design and communities-related issues for broader causes. We’ll delve on his latest proposal for contemporary city branding, which is expected to see a municipal affirmation, contrasted with the paradox of conditions within our developing country.

Feel free to join the session to pin your thoughts on his movement.
Tuesday, Jul 22nd 2014.
Start from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
at House The House Studio.
Jl. Suria Sumantri.
Komp. Setrasari Mall Blok C1.
No.69, Bandung. 40163



Coming this July! HANDS ON : CLAY

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Published : June 25, 2014
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Coming Soon
a Market by Ceramic Makers

Introducing another fresh program from NuArt Sculpture Park.
An event that celebrates local material culture, this time focusing on Clay and highlighting the shining and talented Bandung potters.

They will please us at the ceramics market, so be ready to fill up our kitchen cabinets! Also some special Ramadhan and Hari Raya parcels will be available for you to send to your loved ones. You can also personalized your piggy-bank at the Paint-Your-Bank workshop from Kandura.

Later on the afternoon, be prepared to indulge your starving tummies with a line up of mouthwatering traditional food stalls at the Pasar Senggol market. It will be a fun moment to have mini reunions with our old mates!

So mark your calendar on
12th July 2014
at NuArt Sculpture Park
Ceramics market starts at 1pm
Workshop starts at 2pm onwards
Pasar Senggol opens at 5pm

Hands On: Clay is presented by NuArt Sculpture park, partnering with House The House and Kandura Keramik. See you there!

Nippon Summer Soul Music

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Published : May 1, 2014

Munireng – Nippon Summer Soul Music by Munireng on Mixcloud

Munireng trapped to spread beautiful music for beautiful people & art of music creation. He comes from a middle-class, suburban home, where he shuffled his way through the educational system without any major incidents. He got full time job, so he was able to buy some cassette, vinyl & CD’s. Began with self-taught DJ skill, he mixed every kind of style of music. Afro-American Music/Black Music culture was his big influences. He started produced arranged music by himself in 16 years with his friend made Drum & Bass music style. And then after that he has another project called “Midnight Runners” made boogie funk music style. After success on his music project by released his music production. Munireng took a leap to have solo project as a DJ & Music Producer. Munireng doesn’t really know what he’s up to next. He’s been digging this DJ thing alright but He want to take music academy to enhance his skill made art of music creation & Dj-ing in Tokyo, Japan. With this mix, I hope people who listen to keep listen beautiful no matter what that music came from, by appreciate to buy, support them & listen to that. With that every musicians can be happy because their work is useful. And that’s good. Download here:

Visiting Friends : Makers

By : Meizan Nataadiningrat
Published : April 30, 2014

Products Showcase – Bandung from HOUSE THE HOUSE on Vimeo.

Bandung provides us with the best atmosphere to keep everyone crafting out ideas. A place to explore tons of possibilities in somewhat tight market situation. But in the other hands, we are strongly also inspire each other. within its friendship, shared values and willingness to take a risk for greater good. Some of our friends are successfully meet their own demand for their business. Their customers love it and expect them to always bring the fresh products all the time. We are inspired by them. Not about the business, but the impact that a small, intense yet rich of risk are have such a strong impact for some people. They make a living out of it. Started from the recent activities to visit friends studio, share stories or just have a coffee break together. We think it’s got to be so important to make a short memorabilia about it. So here we go, this is the first edition of studio visit session called Visiting Friends. More like a preview. No interview or deep thoughts. Just a short capturing activities and we’re welcomed to catch see some process from their very own kitchens. Here are 4 of our maker friends from Brodo, Kandura, Matoa Indonesia and UNKL347 that allowed us capturing their process of their specialties. More to come of course. There is plenty of talented people that we love to share the story with you. We hope you love it as we do.