Spice & Spaces

Your Favorite Kitchen Utensils.

In Spice and Spaces, we believe in the creativity of locals makers which drawn to the unique and unusual everyday goods. In early 2011, with the same spirit as one-day food festive which merely known as Keuken--gatherd by local crafters and makers with such receptive audience eagerly waiting for Keuken annualy event--Spice and Spaces open the first mini store in Setrasari Mall C-1 No.69; as a part to cope with the same spirit of this local festive. Indeed, we try to became a destination for those who craved original and handmade items for your everyday kitchen and general utensils.

We bring the beauty and excitment of annual event of Keuken, as our general selection which always changing, and like favorite moments of your life, each item has story worth sharing. 

Currently open as mini shop in Setrasari mall - and we hope to see you stopping by!


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