Trivia Club

There’s a point you reach before you’re perverted by all things ‘important’ that drag you into the business of being banally serious, humorless, sophisticatedly obsessive, & grim faced; the point where you came to a decision of rejecting all things (seemed) too simple and low; the point where worrying was a better effort, whereas enjoyment was easily dismissed as too reckless.

The original reason why we start Trivia Club was some feeling of simplicity, easiness, openness, classlessness, wanting to wrestle for rigid things we believe in. Trivia Club is a trivial set off, like an awkward talk that‘s woken us up to a few things, and become complacent.

It should be a refreshing, peaceful, a place for really nice people who are willing to have utopian fantasies and put the ideas of egalitarianism into everyday use, and as a way to bridge the gap between the people who know to each other, but restrained by those serious stylish ideological walls.

Any kid who’s gone to college knows what it’s all about – intolerance, prejudice, chauvinism. And we’ve just got to forget it. Why so serious?