Meizan Nataadiningrat


Design Partner / Co Founder


The Co-Founder, CEO, and heartbeat of House The House in general. He’s been passionate in visual art since elementary school. Since then, he has been involved or initiated several art and design projects, such as Graphic Director at Pasar Seni 2010 and Design Curator at Pasar Seni 2014, Design Curator and Art Director for U&KL, contributed at several exhibitions, workshops, and street projects, and also being a keynote speaker in various event in the field of design, culture, and entrepreneur.

Meizan is a kind of person who always eager to craft ideas and share them on various medium of interests; Installation to Editorial, House Goods to Vehicles, Fashion to User Interface, or Architectural to Collectibles. During his studies in Bandung Institute of Technology (Product Design), he learned about transforming ideas to concept, sketches to objects, and presentation to communication. He could never stop to meet and collaborate with as many as possible talented people. Try to spend more time with him, and you’ll see that he’s a humble and open-minded figure, who is constantly dreaming about making a better city, better environment, better world,and better future.