HOUSE THE HOUSE is a non-traditional design and strategic thinking group, specializing in environment and culture regeneration strategy for urban and rural area.




The HOUSE THE HOUSE unique, state of the art design methodology begins at the point where most design research ends. HOUSE THE HOUSE objective is to maximize built-environment value for our clients by revealing an innate profound understanding of their purposes / markets towards its wider socio-spatial context.

Our unconscious design methodology is scientifically based on whole toy box full of play full conceptual strategies that has been powerful to be an essential tool to increase both the brand/product value and the environment where it takes place.

HOUSE THE HOUSE dig on to the very bottom layer of the ‘thinking’ and ‘emotional’ feeling about the importance of built environment to human behavior. We dig on the primal, detailed and instinctive sphere where we find the power of the built context.

HOUSE THE HOUSE believes that for every human behavior, be it conscious, subconscious, or unconscious there is an underlying code that corresponds to its environment; whether a room, a wall graffiti, the patter of pavements, the precise disorder of street signs, the exquisite appeal of landscape, or else.

HOUSE THE HOUSE believes that by uncovering these codes, we could gain possession of the single most powerful resources for influencing a given product its essential to ensure the growth profitably, as well as beneficial. In this competitive world, nothing is more effective than understanding the underlying and true meaning behind every single material formed under the sun.